Being More Than an Author…

I’m in The Brighton Magazine today, talking about my books and the future of the publishing industry as I (and a fair few others I know!) see it. As much as us authors would love to do nothing more than just sit in our lonely garrets and write all day, that’s no longer possible. Instead, you have to don your marketing hat and find ways to make yourself visible amongst vast competition as well as network with others who you can then pool your experience and expertise with – trading graphic skills for marketing know-how for example – and everyone benefiting.

The hybrid author is on the rise – someone who is both traditionally published but is also self-published – learning the industry from the inside out. It’s a daunting prospect at times but being part of an author co-operative can really help and that’s what the article is really all about. Here’s the link to it – grab a coffee and have a read.

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