Love, Loss and Location – Jessamine

Jessamine – on promotion this week with Crooked Cat!

Shani Struthers

frontJessamine  was released by Crooked Cat Publishing on the 9th December 2014 – but what’s it all about? The blog title sums it up pretty well. It’s about love, loss and location, but it’s also about being haunted by the ghosts of the past. Yep, Jessamine is supernatural but subtly so.

First up, the location – it’s set in the misty, mysterious highlands of Scotland, in a fictional village called Glenelk, on the west coast of Scotland, overlooking the Isle of Skye. A bleak but beautiful place, it suits the story’s mood perfectly.

Jessamine teaserNext is love – the force that drives our lives. But we’re not just talking romantic love here, we’re talking about the love that exists between friends and family, that spawns loyalty and the need to protect, about ties that bind through generations. But what happens when that which we love the most is lost? How do we…

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