So How Many Wrongs Make a Right?


Huge congratulations to Stella Birrell, whose novel debuts today from Crooked Cat Publishing. How Many Wrongs make a Mr Right is a chick-lit-with-grit novel set in the Lake District and Edinburgh. Grab a coffee, sit down and read an extract:

‘OK, here’s an idea. If he’s pretending Tuesday didn’t happen, then you pretend it didn’t happen. Then he can decide all over again that he wants to be with you. Maybe you could knock him back or something? Then he’ll be dying to ask you out officially.’ Knock him back? I thought tonight was a dead cert. I shaved my legs for goodness sake.

‘I suppose I could play hard to get. Oh, I am so bored of playing the game!’ I whine. ‘When does it get easier?’

‘When you find the right person and they find you,’ replies Julie, wisely (also, if I’m honest, a little smugly). Right, we’d better get back to the boys before I start in on Julie with ‘yeah-about-that-didn’t-you-know-the-unwritten-I-saw-him-first-rule-regarding-your-boyfriend-I-think-you’ll-find-by-this-legislation-he-should-be-with-me.’ I have held out against this so far, yes, mostly because it’s ridiculous, not to mention legally unenforceable. I’m certainly not going to bring it up after three WKDs. I’d rather be with James anyway.

So we went back to the group. I smiled, flirting with him as much as I could, trying to be sparkling company. He’s a good laugh, James, a real catch. I’ve started to wonder if I can really hold such a full house of a man. Maybe I need to assign him to the Sid category, awfully nice, but no point in making an effort because there is such a thing as punching above your weight. Especially when you’re overweight.

Now I’m walking with Sid, with Gerry next to him. James is on the other side of Gerry, discussing some golf course they are planning to go to next weekend. I catch James’s eye, and wink at him. He smiles at me. Man, he’s so fit. No way am I giving up yet.

We pay our way into Frankies. As usual, I lose everyone immediately. This used to really panic me, especially when I hardly knew anyone here, but I’m completely used to it now. It’s not actually a big place, I’ll bump into them later. The music is absolutely thumping, as always; both the dance floor and the bar area are already rammed with people. The special Frankies smell is on the air; beer, smoke, sweat, and overtones of heady sexual promise.


12592388_10153496222530423_2848569702715395634_n.jpgAbout the Author

Stella Hervey Birrell is an emerging writer of women’s fiction living in East Lothian, Scotland. She has lived in various places in Scotland and England and has had various jobs, none of which have paid particularly well. Her experience of Mr Wrongs is unparalleled, but she found a happy ending with her husband and two children, even though there appears to be a lot of laundry in ‘ever after.’

How Many Wrongs… is her first novel, and is published with Crooked Cat Books.

Stella also writes short stories, sings in a band, yells at her kids a lot, and most days can hardly believe her luck.

How to find me!

Please come and say ‘hi’ in one or more of these places

My blog space is

Twitter is @atinylife140

I have a page on Facebook at

I can also be found wandering the streets of various East Lothian villages.

To purchase Stella’s book, please use one of the following links:

UK Amazon

US Amazon




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