Letters from Elsewhere: Rosamund Davis

Reblogged from Miriam Drori’s blog – Letters from Elsewhere…

An' de walls came tumblin' down

Letters from ElsewhereSince beginning this series of posts, I’ve been visited by people from the near and distant past, people from the present and the future, people from real and made-up places, and someone who appears to have been visited by ghosts. But today’s visitor gives a new meaning to “elsewhere” since she has come from beyond to write to her (living) great-granddaughter. As you’ll see, Rosamund has some important advice to impart.

Dear Ruby,

Shani-EveHow I wish I had known you in life, that I could have walked with you, talked with you. There is so much I want you to know… and much that I hope you never know. My daughter, Sarah, your grandmother, has done a wonderful job in raising you, ensuring, just like I did with her, that you realise how strong the light is, how pure, that the roles we undertake to live are just that: roles. We are players…

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