A Trip to the Tower…

When Ruby and Cash met Kindred Spirits!

Jennifer C. Wilson

Ruby, Cash, lovely to see you, so glad you could make it along to the Tower today, to celebrate Crooked Cat Publishing’s paranormal-themed promotion week. Sadly, it’s a bit of a busy one for me this week, so I’m going to hand you over to Anne Boleyn, once we can track her down – she always was a good hostess.

Cash: Ruby, Ruby! Did you hear that? We’re going to meet Anne Boleyn.

Ruby:  Yeah, I know, but once you’ve met one ghost you’ve met them all.

Cash:  How can you be so flippant about it?

Ruby:  Cash, for goodness sake, keep your hair on!

Cash:  My hair on? Don’t you mean–

Ruby:  Shush, here she is. What should we do, take a bow or something?

Anne, it’s good to see you! This is Ruby and Cash, they belong to Psychic Surveys; I thought you…

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