Something for the Weekend with Cameron Lawton!

Ailsa and Cam

On the blog today, welcome Cameron (half brother to author Ailsa Abraham), Rory and Jack  – it’s always great fun with these boys around and today they’re on top form, telling us about the books they feature in Yours to Command and Cancel Christmas – check them out on Amazon but first they’ll tell you a bit about them…

Hello, Shani! Happy New Year. (kiss kiss) As you can see, Rory is true to his Scottish heritage and won’t enter a friend’s house until the second week of January without a small gift. He’s brought you some whisky, Jack brought some flowers and I made shortbread. I have nothing but a plea for sanctuary!

Oh, Shani, we were so sorry not to see more of you when you came house-sitting at the Bingergread Cottage but (as usual) Ailsa’s characters just took over so we thought it would be smashing to get you to ourselves for a little while. Oh thanks. I think a cup of tea would go very well with the shortbread.

Sis? (I’m not pulling that face, Jack, you know better, I how much I support her in her writing, even though we three were at it before her). She’s fine thanks, Shani and sends her love. She is absolutely delighted with the work you did notating the plots for Books 3 and 4. She’s closeted away with the characters getting stuck into it. So she sends thanks and owes you one. (Stop saying one what, Rory, get your mind out of the gutter! Honestly, I would have thought you two were fit to be out in public, being officers and all! Well you both are now, Staff Sgt. Jones!) Excuse them, Shani. They haven’t been on active service with the Army in ages and are getting bored and fractious.

They’re in the Royal Army Military Police, the cops in uniform. That is the basis for their adventures; the sexual tension undercurrent is just present as it usually is in most detective shows on TV. Well, yes, apart from Poirot, Miss. Marple and Midsommer Murders.

(Jack, I know Sis has asked you not to do that before. Please don’t keep asking people if they’ve read our books. It’s not polite and very pushy. They aren’t to everyone’s taste, even if we do have to put an over-18 label on them.) Sorry, Shani. What was the question?

Yes, basically they are detective stories with the added slant of being based in the military. In the first one, Yours To Command, we just set the scene and show how awkward it is for gays in the military, even in these days.

Excuse me again…(Listen you two. I only brought you here because you promised to behave. I’m trying to portray you as a normal, hard-working pair of detectives who just happen to be gay. So could you stop giggling whenever I mention the fact that you’re a couple. OK OK yes you did get off with each other in the first book, that is what it was there for, scene-setting! Take that misty look off your face, Jack, you’ve had far more serious since then!)

Sorry. Cancel Christmas is far more about the job. They get called over to an army base in Germany just before Christmas where a particularly grisly murder has been committed. They get on with solving it and cement their relationship. I particularly love Cancel Christmas because we get to explore the boys’ pasts and characters.

Graphic? Oh I suppose so. Well, yes it is but as it’s part of the story and not gratuitous we’re rather pleased with it. I can write that stuff you see. Sis can’t. When she is doing a “love scene” she has to get me to write the sex which means I do it from Iamo’s point of view because she can’t bring herself to write it. Weird isn’t it? I don’t think we’ve ever heard what Riga thinks of sex although we hear enough about how much she adores Iamo so…

Sorry, back to us three. Them? Oh they’d love to. Rank order please, chaps. Rory first.

Rory: Thanks, Shani. I’m Capt. Rory Sumner, typical gruff Glaswegian and yes, based on some of Cam and Ailsa’s family. I have a rather sad past life about which I don’t talk much but I’m divorced with no children and until I got together with Jack, no love-interest. I know Cam is very dismissive about Ailsa who I won’t call “Sis” cos she isn’t mine but I like her. She used to be in the forces too so we see eye to eye on discipline. She gets her hair off with Cam for being too fluffy although she’s not above nicking his expensive cologne!

Jack: Nice to see you again, Shani. Staff Sgt. Joachim (Jack) Jones currently on officer training course at Sandhurst so by Book 3 I’ll be nearer in rank to Rory and we can be seen to fraternise more as brother officers. (Cam! Will you stop that, you were the dick who was going to call Book 1 “Brothers in Arms”!) Excuse me. Yes, Ailsa jumped in on the back of Cam’s success and has since hogged the writer title in the house but we are hoping to make a comeback if our publisher will take us. Yes, I have a large family. My mother is German, my dad was a sergeant in the Guards and met Mum while on duty. My sister lives in Australia with her husband and two small daughters. They are both veterinary surgeons. Rory and I have been to stay with my parents in Spain where they have a campsite now Dad is retired. Yes, that was a little joke-ette of Cam’s – the boys go to a camp-site for their hols! Tsk.

Cameron: Thank you for having us all, Shani. It’s been lovely and we would love to invite you over to the Bingergread again. A little bird tells us that you have a Book 3 out soon too! Well I won’t say “race you” but do come on over and tell us about it nearer the release date. Salute? Oh of course we will.

Attention! Officer on parade, gentlemen! Dismiss!:

(All three salute smartly and exit)

Bio and Links

Cameron Lawton does not have a biography, being an international man of mystery who disappeared from his sister Ailsa Abraham’s life, only to re-appear in his early 50s with a murky past and no partner. If asked he will smile and say he was a long time dead and it’s nice to be back.

Find his books at







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