Something for the Weekend with Laura Huntley

A huge welcome to Laura Huntley today to the blog and congratulations too – Laura is the author of Black Eyed Boy, a New Adult contemporary romance set in the atmospheric town of Whitby.  I’ve had the pleasure of reading Black Eyed Boy and loved the way this unique tale of two teenagers in love unfolded. But the twist at the end – like the song by Jamie Lawson states – ‘I Wasn’t Expecting That’! Well…. now the sequel is out – Green Eyed Girl. Published by Crooked Cat Publishing, it launches today and here’s the cover and the blurb:


We left Emily and Dylan driving away to begin their new life together as travelling gypsies. A year later, things are less than perfect. Although Emily has accepted the dark secret of the black-eyed clan, she cannot find the courage to make the changes herself, leaving her eternally on the outside.

Bad news sends Emily rushing back to her home town of Whitby, where her life is instantly turned upside down and she is left confused by her new feelings, especially when she spots a familiar face in the crowds. The young couple soon drift apart and the void becomes wider by the day.

What will it take for Emily to realise what she stands to lose? And will it be too late? As it seems that someone else has discovered their secret and Emily finds herself in a dangerous and terrifying situation. The clock is ticking. And only one black-eyed boy can save her.

The virtual Launch Party is TODAY on Facebook, there’ll be snippets, fun and games, and prizes too – click on the link below and join:

And if you fancy a read, Green Eyed Girl is available on Amazon. Here are the links:

Black Eyed Boy.
Green Eyed Girl.
Once again, huge congratulations, Laura, and a bucketful of good luck. May the book fly off those virtual shelves. I, for one, am looking forward to it!

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