Something for the Weekend with… Olga Swan!

Untitled1Thanks so much for welcoming me onto your esteemed blog!  I’ve flown up specially from Gaillac, S.W. France to be with you, even though I’m also hosting my own Crooked Cat book launch event right at this minute too! Readers: I do hope that, once you’ve read Shani’s blog today, you’ll also pop over to my events party anytime today (23rd October 2015) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EU time. Hint: there’ll be exclusive pics of me in my dancing ‘folies bergere’ days! Here’s the link to make it easy for you:

Someone once told me that writers should only write about that which they know. So, after working for thirty years at a leading English university, this was clearly good material for writing ‘3rd Degree Murder’.

I use the nom de plume of Olga Swan as a way of remembering my late brother: it’s an anagram of his name. Quiz: see if you can work out what it is. (Answer* at the end.) I have been writing for over forty years (!), in many genres. Two historical mss, covering the period 1912 – 1967, are currently being considered by Crooked Cat Publishing as we speak. I am also self-publishing a series of seven novels for children, in my own name (Gillian Green –,) , each set in one of the seven modern wonders of the world. Additionally there’s a self-published non-fiction book about two self-deprecating seniors who move to France. In fact, I was thrilled that my publishers bought this recently and are shortly to write a review on Amazon. To find out more, go to my facebook and amazon author pages.

Here’s a description of my current Crooked Cat novel ‘3rd Degree Murder’, released today:

University intrigue. A prestigious Vice-Chancellor receives two formal complaints just before he is due to retire. The underlying theme throughout weaves a potent, cultural mix between Maliha, a Muslim student and Jenny, a Jewish secretary. How do they get on, especially working for the same hated professor? Maliha suffers a horrifying rape at university. How will she cope? And the Jewish secretary suffers constant anti-semitic comments. Embroiled in the intrigue are a family at war with modern society, disgruntled lecturers, a V-C with a suspect background and a crazy office cleaner. So, in the end, who actually killed Professor Axel Sloan? This is a tale of revenge and blackmail; indeed a dish best served cold.

Did you or a member of your family attend university? Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes along the hallowed corridors of English academia? All is not how it seems. To find out, here’s the link to buying 3rd Degree Murder, now available on Amazon all over the world.

It is also available on Smashwords in many different formats:

You can pre-order or download a sample.

For an exclusive extract from 3rd Degree Murder: go to (my weekly Sunday blog about everything French and lots more besides.)

In due course please leave a review. I’d love to hear your views.

* My dear late brother’s name: A. Olswang.


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