Something for the Weekend with Nancy Jardine!

20150523_191626 selfieHello Shani, it’s a delight to come and visit your blog. Thank you for inviting me to fly south to keep you company today!

Have you got lots of weekend plans? Is your weekend looking like the art of fitting a quart into a pint pot regarding the hours available and the leisure pursuits that need to be squeezed in? Alternatively, are you whooping it up because you can see a neat little reading slot fitting into the schedule of your weekend activities?

I really do hope the last question is the one which ‘fits your bill’ and you’ll have some hideaway time this weekend to pack in some reading for pure pleasure.

When I’m feeling a tad stressed out, due to a heavy schedule of daily life chores— the dreaded ironing/ house & garden maintenance/ and dare I say it with a big fat smile, my grandchild-minding duties—or, if I have too many social events consecutively on the calendar, the introvert in me craves a quiet spot to escape into a gripping novel. At times like these, all I generally want is a quick and satisfying read: one that puts no huge demands on me but is wholly entertainment. If I have a couple of hours on the trot for immersing myself (and sometimes that really does include being in a luxurious frothy bath with my Samsung tablet snug and tight in a Ziploc bag, and a glass of something lovely on the bath edge), I want the plot to whizz me off to lovely locations and the characters to seize me with their trials and tribulations as a gripping adventure unfolds.

TMNx1000If you’re looking for something similar in humorous escapism for this coming weekend’s short reading slot, then fast-paced contemporary romantic mystery Take Me Now would be perfect. Fly with dynamic Aela Cameron and her temporary boss, Nairn Malcolm, as they uncover a mystery saboteur who has turned Nairn from handsome highland hero into a temporarily damaged one that looks like the ogre of the castle. Join them on a whirl-wind, precarious escapade as Aela ferries Nairn around the world to keep his ‘Adrenalinn Adventures’ business healthily ticking over.

Dscf0021 Barcelona 4Laugh alongside Aela when she meets her prospective multiple-fractured loopy boss for the first time! Grip the edge of your seat when Aela’s expertise in handling a tiny floatplane over dangerous west coast of Scotland waters gets them out of hairy-scary situations. Have fun with them in Barcelona and Paris. Empathise with Aela in Oman when diplomacy is so hard to stomach. Feel their relief after the saboteur is eventually sussed out—though all I’ll say here is that the location where that happens is a fabulously warm and sunny one!

Does Aela also become a target of the nasty saboteur? I’m afraid I’m giving away no more spoilers…you’ll have to read to find that out!

Once again, Shani, thanks for the opportunity to share a little of Take Me Now. Wishing all of your readers a lovely weekend!

Amazon link for Take Me Now:

Bio: Nancy Jardine writes historical romantic adventures (Celtic Fervour Series); contemporary mystery thrillers (Take Me Now, Monogamy Twist, Topaz Eyes-finalist for THE PEOPLE’S BOOK PRIZE 2014); & time-travel historical adventures for Teen/ YA readers (Rubidium Time Travel Series). She finds all historical eras are enticing to research about and ancestry research is a lovely time-suck. She regularly blogs; loves to have guests invade her blog; and FaceBooking is a habit she’s trying to keep within reasonable bounds. Grandchild-minding takes up a few (very long) days every week and any time left is for gardening, reading, writing and watching news on TV( if lucky). Oh, and catching the occasional historical T.V. programme, being a bit of a historical junkie.   Twitter @nansjar  Facebook: and (for The Rubidium time Travel Novels.) email:

Amazon Author page for books and to view book trailer videos:

Most novels are available in print and ebook formats from Barnes and Noble; W. H.;; Smashwords; TESCO Blinkboxbooks; and various other ebook stores.



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