The Return – FREE for the Weekend

The Return Cover LARGE EBOOKIn celebration of the summer – and yep, it’s a scorcher outside today – The Return is FREE on Amazon worldwide this weekend. It’s the third in the Runaway series – there’s also The Runaway Year and The Runaway Ex – but have no fear, it can be read as a standalone too. If you’re heading off on holiday, take me with you, or at the very least a copy of The Return! Described as a ‘beautifully rendered tale of mourning and moving on‘ it also ‘deals with an emotional subject in a balanced way. There are tears but laughter too.’

The book has also been applauded for it’s unusual heroine – Isabella –  who bucks the usual trend in romance books and is honest and upfront about her feelings towards love interest, Aiden, from the get go. It’s a careful line she has to tread, however, as he’s still in mourning from the loss of his wife, two years earlier. She also has his sister-in-law to contend with, Leo, who finds Aiden’s return from his native Australia unsettling too.

So, if it’s ‘emotional fireworks in stunning North Cornwall‘ you fancy a bit of whilst lying under those blue skies, now’s the time to get a copy.

Here’s what it’s all about, a few teasers and Amazon links at the end.

Enjoy the read, folks!

When worlds collide…

Two years ago death drove Aiden Taylor from UK shores and now death has drawn him back. Mourning the loss of his wife, he is returning to bury his father-in-law and support the remaining members of her family – her mother, Lily and sister, Leo.

Coming home on the same plane is Isabella, enthusiastic and with a zest for life, she is in many ways the opposite of him. Realising his history, she tries to fight the instant attraction she feels but her thoughts linger long after they’ve landed.

Leo is distraught – she’s lost her sister and her beloved father too. Her boyfriend Damien should be a comfort but he is far from it. Instead, it is Aiden she increasingly comes to rely on. In grief they understand each other.

Unable to forget her encounter with the ‘perfect stranger’, Isabella heads to Cornwall to track him down but, as three worlds collide, tragedy threatens to strike again…

The Return Teaser 2The Return TeaserThe Return Teaser 4


Cover by Jane-Dixon Smith and editing by Jeff Gardiner. Teasers by Tracy Smith Comerford.






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