Sarah Louise Smith and The Truth About Ellen

Welcome today to Sarah Louise Smith – romance writer extraordinaire! She’s the author of several chick-lit bits, including Amy & Zach, ideal for reading in the summer sunshine or tucked up warm beside a roaring fire. Yesterday saw the publication of her fourth novel – The Truth About Ellen. Here she shares an extract from it…

Sarah 2 Thank you so much to Shani for letting me appear on her blog today. If you don’t know me already, a big smiley hello! I’m Sarah Louise Smith and here’s an extact from my fourth chick-lit novel, The Truth About Ellen.

Ellen is stuck in a lift with her celebrity crush, rock star Jasper Ryan…..

“These things always happen to me,” I admitted. “I’ve broken plenty of bones, plenty of my mother’s precious ornaments, and once I even choked on some chicken at a wedding. I’m accident prone.”

Great, now I’d chatted to Jasper Ryan about vomiting and choking. What a smooth operator I was.

“I’ll blame you then,” he said with a cheeky grin.


“I wish I could smoke in here.”

I was grateful he couldn’t; but I didn’t say anything. I’d said quite enough stupid things already.

“So what are you going to do tonight?” he asked me.
 Good question. The chances of me making it to the theatre on time now were very low.

“I don’t know. Probably hit the mini bar. Watch some TV. You?”

“Yeah, the same.”

“No glamorous parties or celeb friends to hang out with?”

He shrugged. “Nah. I’ve been trying to keep myself to myself.”

“Fair enough.”
I couldn’t think what else to say. We looked at each other for a moment and I took a mental snapshot, his scruffy, dark hair leaning back against the mirror. His grey t-shirt was tight enough to just about hint at his abs. He’d thrown his leather jacket down beside him. He was wearing dark blue jeans and black boots and his legs looked long, stretched out in front of him. If I moved my own leg slightly to the left, our trouser legs would be touching…

“Stop doing that,” he said after a moment’s silence.

“What?” I asked, my face burning red. I hoped he wasn’t referring to my staring at him.

“Tucking your hair behind your ear. It looks nicer in front.”

I hadn’t even realised I’d been playing with my hair. I flicked it forward, in front of my ear and let a long wave rest against my cheek. “Better?”

“You really don’t realise how pretty you are, do you?”

My heart flipped and I reminded myself again that I was just one of many he’d used his charms on. He held my gaze and we stared at each other for a few minutes. My whole body was sweating now, hopefully not so much that he could tell.

The elevator whirred into life and started to move. Jasper got up and held out his hand for me. I felt a tingle run from my fingertips to my chest as I held on to him and he pulled me up.

“Thanks,” I said as I let go. The doors pinged open. We’d reached the twentieth floor and I had to get out.

“Bye,” I said, wondering if I’d ever get anyone to believe me that this had happened. I felt too lame to ask for a photo now.

“See ya,” he said, flashing me a grin.

I stepped out of the lift and went to walk down the corridor, figuring I’d get back in and ride down on the next one.

“Hey, Ellen?” he called, holding the elevator door open.

“Yes?” I spun around, glad to have the chance to look at him again. “You want to come and share my mini bar?”

With a confidence I’d never felt before, I turned on my heel, walked back into the lift and pushed the button for the penthouse suite again.

If you enjoyed this extact you can learn more about The Truth About Ellen below. Thanks so much for reading 🙂

The Truth About Ellen

It’s every girl’s dream to date a pop star…

When Ellen starts dating Tom, a member of the band she adored as a teenager, she can’t believe how lucky she is.

She neglects to mention that she’s a huge fan because that just wouldn’t be cool, would it?

Ellen also keeps quiet about how she once spent an evening with Tom’s ex-bandmate/ex-best friend Jasper, her long-term celebrity crush. Tom doesn’t need to know about that, it’s all in the past.

That is until Tom and Jasper get back in touch… and the truth threatens to ruin everything Ellen has ever dreamed of…


The Truth About Ellen is available to buy from:

Amazon UK –


Amazon US –


Sarah LouiseAbout Sarah Louise Smith

Sarah Louise Smith lives in Milton Keynes, England with her husband, step-daughter, loopy golden retriever and cheeky tortie cat.

Sarah has been writing stories since she can remember and has so far completed four chick-lit novels, all published by Crooked Cat:

Amy & Zach

Izzy’s Cold Feet

Independent Jenny

The Truth About Ellen


Connect with Sarah:

Twitter @sarahsmith16












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