A Smackdown – Wassat?

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I know, I asked myself the same question! But there is a Smackdown and it is coming and my hero du jour – Joseph Scott – happens to be deeply embroiled in it.  Okay, here’s the deal – all the leading lights featured in Omnific Publishing authors’ books are entering a smackdown – a contest of sorts, where votes count and the least voted for falls by the wayside, one by one by one. If you head on over to Omnific Publishing Group’s FB page, you’ll see all sorts of trailers/pictures of these magnificent specimens (vampires and other wordly creatures amongst them) but only a photo of mine! Yep, I’m the technologically challenged one here, the one who can’t work out how to even begin to create a trailer, lol! And yes, my man may suffer because of that, but hey, there’s always The Trecastle Inn to go and drown his sorrows in.

All in all, it’s just a bit of fun – so, here’s my man:


I know – devestating huh? Check out those twinkly blue eyes, that ‘come hither’ smile, that gorgeous hair (dark blonde I’m assured but it looks brown to me!). If you’ve read The Runaway Year and fallen in love with him, you can vote for him as of 30th September over on Sarah’s Blog.

I’ll let you know more details as and when I know them but suffice to say, there are prizes involved – pretty good ones too by the looks of them! So come on get voting – catapult my boy to the stars!


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