The Runaway Year – It’s Here!

What can I say? The usual things. OMG! Crikey! Wow! All of that and more. The Runaway Year is finally here! All of the hard work whilst writing it, the nail-biting whilst waiting for feedback, the wondering if anyone (apart from my mum!) was going to like it – it’s all paid off! And even if my mum is the only one to like it, I’m dead chuffed anyway! Actually, it’s garnered some wonderful reviews already with more on the way (and even if you only give me 1 star, I’ll love you forever – you gave me a star for heaven’s sake!!!!).

Here’s the Amazon link: The Runaway Year and the Goodreads link: The Runaway Year. It’s £2.79 on Kindle and the paperback will be out soon too.

If you do read it, I hope you enjoy it. If not, PM me on FB, lol!

And finally, thank you to Omnific Publishing for giving a new author a chance. It has been such a pleasure (and great fun too!) to work with you.

Okay, here’s the cover and the blurb!


Dumped by her hotshot boyfriend and boss, Layla Lewis quits her job and heads to Trecastle in North Cornwall to house-sit for a friend-of-a-friend. Trecastle isn’t new to her; it’s a place where she holidayed regularly with her now-estranged mother. It’s also the home of Hannah McKenzie, her childhood friend. Hannah has tempted her with a place to live and a job in the local pub. Needing time to nurse her battered heart and escape her “real life” for a year, Layla accepts.

Hannah is a talented artist as well as a barmaid. She lives in the village center with her boyfriend Jim, a singer in a local band. They are happy together, or as happy as they can be, considering. Hannah loves Jim, but there is someone she loves more and it’s pushing them to breaking point.

Meanwhile, back in Brighton, Layla’s fiery yet loyal friend Penny seeks revenge on her behalf, sending a forged email that could damage her ex’s business prospects. Penny wonders if she has gone too far but is soon preoccupied with her own problems: the sizzle has fizzled in her marriage, and she feels neglected. After getting frisky with Dylan one night, she confesses all to her husband—and he’s been like ice ever since.

Over the course of a year, there is laughter and heartache as all three endeavor to rein in their tumultuous love lives—discovering you can run all you like, but if it’s love you’re up against, true love, good things can only happen when you stand your ground.


11 thoughts on “The Runaway Year – It’s Here!

  1. SNAP! I have literally just blogged about you too! I am really looking forward to reading it, Shani. Huge congrats. Hope you’ll be celebrating in style this eve : ) xx

    • Thanks Yasmin – I think some champers may just be on the agenda come sundown, lol! I’ll make sure I toast you too for your wonderful blog piece on me! Can’t wait to feature you too!!! xxx

  2. Woohooo! Happy launch day, Shani, this is just totally awesome. I can’t wait to read The Runaway Year ~ you know how much I love Cornwall!! Wishing you LOADS of sales and a rocking day, with huge congrats again! XX

  3. Feel like singing the song from Godspell – Oh Happy Day – in honour of publication day, Shani. Take time to enjoy the moment and relish just exactly what you’ve achieved. I have this dream of lying on a chaise longue dictating my next blockbuster (what else?) to a lovely male secretary who looks quite a lot like my hero. Ha not much work would get done I assure you. I will be taking your novel on holiday with me but am conflicted. I want to read it straight away but I want to buy the paperback when its published so you can sign it for me. I think I’ll probably wait for the paperback as I am in the middle of editing #2. Rest assured, what ever form I buy it in I’ll write a review. All the best my dear friend. You deserve it.

    • Hi Lizzie – I will indeed join you in a rousing chorus of Oh Happy Day, I love a good sing song! It was indeed a blast, so many people joined in tweeting for me, sharing etc, it was overwhelming – that was the best thing about the whole day! Paperback should be out soon when the Amazon elves get their act together and, if you do get the Ruiri male secretary lookalike – can I come and dictate too?! xxx

  4. Hooray! Sorry I missed your big day; we’ve been gearing up for our first booksigning this afternoon, and my head’s been spinning from that.

    Wishing you all the very best and many readers who leave great feedback! Off to purchase my Kindle copy now! xxx

    • No worries at all Jo! I haven’t done one (yet!) but I imagine the run up to the booksigning is all-consuming! It’s wonderful that you are getting out there and meeting your readers and am sure they’ll love you and your book all the more for it! Thanks for purchasing a copy of TRY – hope you enjoy it! xxx

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